Blockchain in Switzerland

The Crypto-Valley is being built in Zug and investors from Silicon Valley visit Switzerland. Many investors finance start-ups that come up with business models around the block chain: The block chain and crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are in vogue. They offer enormous potential and will bring about many changes in the future. At the same time, the topic also leads to an "overhype", which is why many companies are afraid of using the blockchain. We are happy to advise you in this respect and show you possible assignments for your company - also in connection with the technical implementation.

Clients (excerpt)

Leverage your business with blockchain

Transform your business with the ability to digitize your transaction work flows. With blockchain, you can transact more smoothly and efficiently, and reimagine your key business processes.

«Bei einem Blockchainreferat wurde ich gefragt, wo denn jetzt das ICO bleibe. Da wusste ich, wir stecken mitten in der .com-Blase #2.»

Samuel Steiner, Geschäftsführer Renuo AG

Do I need blockchain?

Do you share information with multiple business units or partners? Do you need to know the identities within your network? For example in connection with the Money Laundering Act (GWG) or other legal aspects? Do you have processes or transactions that could be automated and programmed? Would you benefit from transaction processing in minutes rather than days or weeks?

We are happy to support you evaluating whether the use of blockchain in your industry makes sense.