Marketing and sales "City Messenger" app approx 40% (tbd), from September 2019 onwards


In St. Gallen there will soon be something wonderful. Something the world doesn't know yet! We are launching a City Messaging App "City Messenger" this October. 'We' are not only Renuo, but also the city of St. Gallen, FHSG and ProCity SG. Nowadays, everyone is "innovative" in their commitment to the cause. But the project is so innovative that it is supported by the Swiss Innovation Agency "Innosuisse". In order to bring the smart product to as many companies (and to other cities) as possible, we are looking for support in the area of sales and marketing from September onwards. You don't start at 0, we already have the first 30 sage customers!

Your Mission

    • You advertise and sell the broadly supported app to other stores in the city of St. Gallen
    • You take care of existing customers
    • You help acquire new cities and lead according workshops
    • You are in charge of social media
    • You collect feedback, analyse statistics and formulate product adjustments

Our Expectations

    • You work independently and on your own initiative
    • You communicate safely, openly and have sales experience
    • Higher technical education (FH, uni) in marketing, sales or business informatics (can also be parallel to studies)
    • You know your way around St. Gallen
    • Your mother tongue is Swiss German

What we offer

    • We run our company with heart
    • We like to give a lot of space for responsibility and independence
    • We have as few rules as necessary
    • We are a young team and like to play a round of Töggeli with beer on Friday evening
    • We work with flexible working hours
    • You can invest 10% in your further education
    • We are thinking of a base salary of CHF 40,000 (100%) and (hopefully) a lot of sales commissions

Act now

Samuel Steiner ([email protected]) is happy about your e-mail!

P. S. If you have online marketing experience and Photoshop/InDesign skills, that's a plus.

P. P. S. If you've read this far, you might want to formally know what City Messenger can do effectively: The City Messenger enables companies to communicate directly with their customers. And that's where the customers are already: in messaging apps. In addition to direct chats, broadcasting messages are also possible.