Animated and interactive statistics, dashboards and reports

EDGE Certification was founded 10 years ago as «The Gender Equality Project» with the aim of creating a world of equal opportunities for men and women.

As leading global assessment and business certification for gender equality EDGE examines the gender balance at all levels, pay equity, the effectiveness of policies and practices to ensure equitable career flows for women and men and the inclusiveness of a corporate culture.

200 companies in 37 countries on five continents employing more than one million people are EDGE Certification's client base to date!

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The EDGE certification program includes various online assessments, which are evaluated through a variety of statistics and reports. On the one hand, we programmed the animated and interactive customer dashboards, which make the various statistics visible. On the other hand we developed the customer-specific Powerpoint and PDF reports, which EDGE uses as a basis for their certification.

One of the challenges of this project was the migration of an Excel macros that generated an individual PPTX presentation. Until now, the data in this presentation was manually filled into an Excel spreadsheet. Now we replaced this process with a dynamic generation of a PowerPoint report. This contains a detailed analysis of the corresponding operation. It consists of several factors and graphs together, which are all calculated individually and automatically. The report had to be integrated into an already existing system, which was not designed for this. We managed it, to deliver a user-friendly and fast solution.


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Ruby on Rails
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