Let's put simplicity first

Why complicate things when they can be simple? This is exactly the motto under which we at JUMBO have developed the onboarding of corporate customers. By connecting the central company register (Zefix) and linking internal interfaces, companies can conveniently register for payment on account in just three small steps.


Wir schätzen die Zusammenarbeit mit Renuo sehr. Mit dem Onboarding der Firmenkunden haben sie einmal mehr gezeigt, wie gut sie komplizierte Projekte digital umsetzen können.

Projektleiter - Mirko Théodoloz

For this project, we mainly worked with Ruby on Rails. It was important to us that the interfaces of the onboarding process be as native as possible. With the connection to Zefix via API, a first step for a simple registration was created. In a second step, we spared users the need to create a password. Using Magic Link, registration takes place directly via a link in an e-mail. Passwords? That was yesterday.

Technologies which we use

Ruby on Rails
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