Online kitchen configurator and shop

On users can put together their dream kitchen. With just a few clicks, the perfect kitchen complete with kitchen devices, colours and materials is chosen and ordered. Because trends in the world of kitchens change too and our customer wanted to be flexible, our task was not just to develop a typical web shop, but also a clear and intuitive content management system for the shop.


As a basis for this online shop we decided on Spree, an open source shop solution. Any customised additions we developed with Ruby on Rails: in the settings our customer can enter various values such as colours, work surfaces, electrical appliance sets, etc. and select them on an individual kitchen level including an individual surcharge.

In order for such a huge information portal to be built up along side the actual shop, we integrated an individualised micro CMS. With inline editing, our customer can edit the content directly on the site itself and always sees it how it will be seen online as well.

On top of it we advertise for with Google Ads.


Technologies which we use

Solidus (Spree)
Ruby on Rails
Similar use cases