The job service online portal

Reto and Patrick's business idea inspired us from the very beginning: the two founders of Lawoon AG wanted to bring a user friendly web application to life, on which job seekers offer different services, and talent seekers can book them directly online. The absolute advantage of the app: the job seekers don't need to worry about administrative work such as invoicing. Everything is handled automatically by the system.

It was clear to us straight away: we are happy to accept this exciting challenge.

Renuo did an excellent job with the programming of the application. The joint design process also contributed significantly in successfully implementing our business idea.
Reto Städler, Management Lawoon AG

«Where work finds talent» is comparable to the service provider «Uber» and similarly complex. Behind the easy and user friendly interface is a demanding business logic. In close collaboration with the executive management of Lawoon we conceived the different processes. In the final application, a job posting becomes a commission, the commission an invoice and the invoice a receipt.

Sine the beginning the requirements of the website were high capacity and a high degree of stability. In tandem with the go-live of a big ad campaign was launched. To create the website on a stable basis, we realised it with Rails. We developed the frontend and design of the site with Angular and TypeScript.

Responsible for the complete design of Lawoon including logos, animations and website design is our partner Henry Gillis.

Technologies which we use

Technologies which we use