The intelligent multistep form

renovero is the largest tradespeople platform in Switzerland. It enables users to receive several quality offers for a worker's job without having to spend a lot of time researching.

Until now, this onboarding process was made via a standard question form with an open text block. In order to simplify this process for customers and at the same time to receive more precise enquiries for tradespeople, we developed a complex wizard widget inside the renovero platform.

It guides users through an individual question catalogue. Depending on the type of request, various follow-up questions arise within the catalogue. These so-called flows were made available to us by renovero and formed the basis of our development.

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«renovero has the jobs. Renuo has the software expertise. And what a one!»

Reto Städler, Head Business Development renovero

The range of services offered by renovero is growing and growing. In the future, specific offers will have to be obtained via the platform for many more contract jobs. It is therefore essential that our solution not only works for the currently existing flows, but can also be quickly applied to new ones.

To meet this requirement, we developed a language that creates a set of rules based on the existing flows. This configuration allows newly added question flows to be quickly and easily translated into their own dynamic catalogue. This makes the system expandable for new job types and their corresponding offers.


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