Ideal employer app for XING

In order to link employers and employees even better, we developed the «ideal employer application» for XING: In the career settings on XING, three to 30 companies, depending on membership, can be stored as ideal employers for which one would particularly like to work. This entry informs preferred companies confidentially and without obligation. At the same time, active recruiters and headhunters can place suitable job offers.


The biggest challenge in this project was the interaction between the existing XING App and our new ideal employer app. We needed an interface and an authentication so that our application could access a XING profile from the outside and add the desired companies to the profile. In addition, the application has a connection to kununu, which makes it possible to view the kununu company rating directly in the app.

Further features of the application are its profile and country specific contents – due to the international rollout of the advertising campaign – as well as the individual admin panel, which we developed for site administration.

The project was accompanied by the advertising agency Wirz and the appealing and intuitive design was implemented by our partner Henry Gillis. The satisfaction of these different stakeholder groups was also a special feature of this project, which was demanding and very instructive for us. From the developer's point of view, the integration of the many animations with JavaScript was a particular difficulty, since our focus in such tasks is always on flawless performance on every device and in every browser.

In summary, this project was very exciting due to the many stakeholders and the coordination with XING's internal IT department. From a technical point of view, we were particularly challenged by the numerous graphic animations.


Technologies which we use

Ruby on Rails
Similar use cases