First Swiss Member of the Rails Foundation

We are thrilled to announce our status as the first Swiss company to join the Rails Foundation. Last year, we stopped the funding of RubyCentral because it was primarily focused on the US market, and with the Rails Foundation we found a new home.

Our Deep-rooted Connection with Ruby On Rails

What ties us deeply to Ruby On Rails is a decades-long relationship, where numerous articles have been written on our blog or on

Open Source Engagement

  • Over 50 Projects in Ruby On Rails

  • Besides Ruby On Rails, Open Source in general is a big strength of ours. It is through open source that we have built our business.

  • Contributing in this area is very important to us, including financial support for numerous projects.

  • Every year, we support well-known libraries like cancancan.

  • We have published a large part of our work, our internal workflow and also our Applications Setup Guide as open source.

Prioritizing Company Culture

We focus a lot of attention on our company culture. We put much effort into involving everyone in company decisions and expect everyone to shape it accordingly. For a closer look into our values:

Both internally and externally, transparency is a high priority. For instance, protocols are internally public by default, financials are shared, and wages are transparent.

Some more interesting insights?

The yearly appraisal interviews were replaced by a collective speed dating format that takes place more often. The process has been refined a couple of times together with the team, and the whole journey is also documented online. The approach was met with great interest and attention in practice.

Next to our agency work, we run several products. The most popular two are Gifcoins, a tool to promote appreciation, and MugshotBot, a tool to automatically generate beautiful og:images. No need to mention that both are written in Ruby on Rails.

Eventually, we donate 10% of profit each year, which goes 50/50 to charities and open-source projects. Indeed, we believe this is part of our duty as a sustainable and responsible company.