Martin Čavoj

It’s always interesting to explore and experiment with new technologies which we could use in the projects. It’s a very common thing at Renuo to have an open mind and being able to leverage the best technology for the job. Having this in mind, the other day I was looking through some new and exciting browser APIs which could be worth trying out.

The first thing which caught my attention was a Web Bluetooth API. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm about it disappeared as quickly as it came to be. I stumbled upon some weird and very unstable behaviours, which just led to frustration as opposed to the excitement I was searching for.

Then I noticed Web Speech API and I decided to give it a shot. My hopes were not high, as the API is very experimental and so far has a very limited support. I didn’t try Edge, Firefox’s support is coming, but for now only the speech synthesis part is supported. That leaves us with Chrome. Ok, well, why not. It’s just an experiment…

You can read more technical details in my blog post published here.