Contributing to open source projects is not only about passing on your own know-how, it is also about supporting the community, exchanging ideas and learning from each other.
Simon Isler, Software Engineer

Since our founding, we have relied on open source software. This solution is openly available for use and further development to programmers and developers worldwide. We are convinced of the security, stability and quality of it and therefore support it with financial donations and our investment time – be it during work hours or also after work in our freetime. Below you can see which open source projects we are currently supporting the most and how many contributions we have already made in total.

Any suggestions?

Do you know of any great open source that we also should support? Then get in touch with us. We love to learn about interesting projects.

Since 2012 we have made 2,902 contributions 🥳

Our latest contributions

Open source software that we support financially (excerpt)

Open source software that we support financially (excerpt)