Amina Giger
Amina Giger

Google processes almost 4 billion search queries per day and each query delivers thousands to millions of search results. What is the likelihood that someone will find exactly your website for a particular query? We don't know, but investing in search engine optimisation is always a great idea.

What is search engine optimisation and how does it work?

Search engines aim to provide their users with the most relevant and interesting search results. They estimate the user experience for each website and thus calculate the most suitable position on their result pages (ranking). The more relevant and user-friendly a website is estimated by search engines, the better the chances are that this website will appear high in the search results (SERPs or search engine result pages) and thus be found more often. 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is part of online marketing and used to improve the user experience and relevance of a website. SEO includes a variety of content and technical improvements such as the loading speed of the website or the optimal display of the website on a mobile device. 

A positive side effect of SEO is that not only search engines profit from the various optimisations on the website, but also the website users. The more SEO you perform, the more satisfied your users become, which in return is rewarded with more visibility on search engines.

When is an investment in SEO worthwhile?

If you want to present or sell a product or service to a target group online, it is crucial that your corporate website can be found quickly and easily and that your users experience a flawless website. We understand SEO as an ongoing process in order to be able to respond to short-term changes in technical or user-related demands on a website or to changed requirements of search engines. 

From our point of view it is important to find a balance between investment in SEO and success through SEO. Since websites usually offer unique content and pursue different goals, search engine optimisation is also individual for each website. In a discussion at the beginning, we learn which goals you pursue with your website and with which search engine optimisations we can best support you. 

 Are you ready to improve the visibility and user-friendliness of your website? Contact me, I am looking forward to our conversation.

First published on 3. Dezember 2018.