Real-Time Storytelling with AI

What makes a game interesting? We believe it is not just the gameplay that needs to be engaging, but also the background and context must feel authentic. Achieving this is easier said than done. We asked ourselves how we could solve this with the help of AI, and we found a great solution.

Our latest project, the NarrativeAI, uses artificial intelligence to tell real-time stories. This allows us to create realistic background dialogues in games. As a player, you can wander around and listen to random conversations from other characters.

Encountering Renuo Avatars

In the developed game, you will encounter our digital avatars inspired by real members of the Renuo team. The coolest part? You can configure the characters' traits and the overall context of the game through an admin panel. This means our solution is universally adaptable. Today, it is Renuo members in the Middle Ages; tomorrow, it could be the Swiss Federal Council in Atlantis.

Renuo Narrative AI (view on desktop; not optimised for mobile)

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Context: fantasy video game, medieval age, castle with village around it and several inhabitants doing their daily life routine. Write a direct dialog, non descriptive, 3-5 times back and forth.
Prompt examples

Prompt Engineering and SaaS

The solution mainly relies on prompt engineering. We use an API from OpenAI to integrate generative dialogue models. These models have been specifically trained through prompt engineering to simulate engaging and contextually appropriate conversations. It took us just five days to set up NarrativeAI. Technologically, we primarily rely on Ruby on Rails and the Unity engine.

Going a step further

Our service can be integrated into third-party games through an interface (API). By encapsulating it into its own service, we were able to create a Software as a Service (SaaS). For us, it is also a good practice to put ourselves in our customers' shoes: we are in the same boat!

Interested in using AI for your own purpose? We look forward to supporting you with our experience in implementing AI projects.

Technologies which we use

Technologies which we use