The technology we trust

Are we a Ruby on Rails company?

To call us one would probably be dangerous. We'd suddenly become dependent on a technology. Yet the fact is that it is the technology we trust and all of us are proficient in Rails. Why is that?

Ruby on Rails is considered very controversial among developers. We would like to explain why: The Rails doctrine gives strict guidelines on how to solve problems. Most challenges are already considered and almost everything has an answer. Critics complain that this reduces control over the framework. That is true, but it has a significant advantage: developers do not need to think about trivia. Ruby on Rails directs the focus to the essentials and thus makes development damn fast.

It's not surprising that numerous big players have become successful with precisely this technology: Twitter, Shopify, AirBNB, XING, Gropon, Couchsurfing, Basecamp or fiverr.

You can tell: Almost all of the companies listed operate platforms and portals that connect multiple parties, address interfaces (APIs) and generate outputs. Exactly what we are very strong at.