The mobile app «Bee Audit»

Every four years the Swiss certified beekeepers are being audited by specialists of the BienenSchweiz (Association of German-Swiss and Rhaeto-Romanic beekeepers). The audit includes several aspects of the honey processing, hygiene, and beekeeping. With a successful result, their certificate will be renewed for another 4 years. Previously the entire auditing process and its result were kept on paper and sent to the secretary of BienenSchweiz, where it had to be scanned and stored in the system. With several thousand seal apiarists this requires an immense amount of effort, and on top of that the data isn't even properly structured.

Our task was to create an application which would simplify and automate the administrative work of the secretary as well as pave a future-oriented way for the beekeeper industry.

We got to know Renuo after they started their business. In the meantime, the company has grown a lot. That's why we particularly appreciate still being able to count on the same contact persons. They are extremely competent and know our projects down to the last detail. This is very valuable for the daily work as well as for new and further developments.
Anita Koller, CEO BienenSchweiz (Imkerverband)

The solution

Thanks to the newly created app (mobile and tablet version for both iOS and Android) the auditor can collect and save the audit data on a tablet or mobile phone. The audit document is directly integrated in the member management system. The effort on both the auditor's and the secretary's side is greatly reduced.

One special feature of the app is that the quality control audit form can also be filled out while offline. This means that no Wi-Fi or mobile data is necessary. Additionally, the application is linked to a fee management system. The specialists' expenses are automatically generated and compensated.

The biggest challenge during the development of «Bee Audit» was to take into account the administration of authorisation and roles and to assign every auditor the right beekeepers.

Technologies which we use

Technologies which we use