Redesign website

Do you enjoy climbing? We certainly do – and that is why we were thrilled to work for Kletterhalle 6a+ in Winterthur. In collaboration with the design agency tonicmoon, we initiated a project to create a modern and user-friendly system.

Utilizing kitchensink for technical implementation and based on DatoCMS, we brought Kletterhalle’s vision to life. This setup allowed us to continuously add content during development, facilitating tests with real data and enabling quick feedback.

A key component was the integration of wallee as a payment provider. Now, course bookings and voucher orders can be paid directly online, eliminating the manual accounting and increasing efficiency.

Provided Services
The design is implemented top and agile, the backend is stable and secure even with all extensions: meeting all requirements. A pleasant collaboration that is a pleasure!
Tanny from 6a+

Digital entry form

Additionally, we digitized the admission form. Visitors now fill it out digitally just once, ensuring data is correctly and securely stored. The paper form is a thing of the past, and even digital signatures are captured.

By combining modern design with digital processes, we have enhanced the the attractiveness and the service offering of Kletterhalle 6a+. Moreover we created a seamless experience for the visitors. We are proud to be part of this innovative project.

Technologies which we use

Technologies which we use