Let us get your ideas done.

In the world of tech companies, marked by constant pursuit of optimization, innovation, and success, there is a place that stands out not only for its technological brilliance but also for its unique corporate culture - Renuo. During this year's Learning Week, we took a deep dive into our strengths and weaknesses, and we'd like to share our insights with you now.

What we excel at:

In our office in Wallisellen, it's not just employees; it's also co-owners. The concept of employee ownership has not only transformed the structure of the company but also the dynamics of our team fundamentally. This shared responsibility fosters a strong community and promotes our common goal of quality and Renuo's success.

Our core? Undoubtedly, it's our smart team. Here, hierarchies are flat, and ideas are not only appreciated but actively encouraged. This allows us to create an environment where everyone is heard. We can proudly say that we invest not only in projects but, above all, in people. Time for personal and professional development is not considered a luxury but a cornerstone. Here, it's not just about work; it's also about learning and continuous growth together.

With our modern tech stack, comprising Ruby on Rails and React, we develop efficient and high-quality solutions for our projects. Our workflow includes 100% test coverage with automated tests and a four-eye review to ensure quality. The combination of Rails and React in our tech stack enhances the effectiveness of our work.

Transparency is not just a word for us; it's a lived reality. Information is openly shared, decisions are explained, creating an environment of trust. We are an agile company, allowing us to respond flexibly to changes. In this environment, we can react quickly to market dynamics and implement innovative approaches in a short time.

Where we can continue to learn:

Despite the many positive aspects of Renuo, we also face challenges. Booking work hours is one such challenge, especially in agencies like ours, which require significant administrative effort. Proper execution allows us transparency and efficient resource management.

As an agency, we are exposed to the fluctuations of the project business. This is associated with many changes in the respective tasks of the employees. We want to smooth out these curves. Many of us aspire to have our own product - a 'Renuo-Baby.' So far, this hasn't worked out, but the absence of a specific product provides room for growth and innovation. Regarding the communication of in-house events, we could improve our communication to ensure that everyone is well-informed, especially those with longer commutes.

Additionally, the clear definition of growth plans is an ongoing process to ensure that everyone knows where we're headed. We'd be lying if we said that it's never a bit chaotic around here.

More than just a company

In conclusion, we can only say that positivity, openness, and the pursuit of excellence make Renuo more than just a company – it's a place where people don't just work; they grow together.