Onboarding solutions for card requests

We offer highly automated solutions for efficient and effective card application processing. This includes online card applications with smart forms for end customers as well as internal tools for semi-automated processing of offline card applications. With thousands of applications, it is relevant to remove potential conversion barriers, avoid errors and provide an above-average UX to end customers.

After successful onboarding, we take care of the preparation of a physical as well as a digital loyalty card (with or without payment function). Fully automated dispatch? Of course!

Our customers benefit from considerable time savings, high-quality data and significantly minimised security and fraud risks.

Clients (Excerpt)
Viseca Card Services SA

Thanks to Renuo, our onboarding processes and loyalty management systems are thoughtfully designed and robustly implemented. This saves resources, prevents fraud, and enables effective customer retention.

Automated loyalty management systems

Once the loyalty card is issued – now the real work begins: to effectively manage the loyalty programme and get the marketing team dreaming, we provide appropriate tools.

With well-designed systems, we help our clientele track and manage their participation in the programme. This includes support for the effective delivery and redemption of rewards. The success of a programme is largely determined by the efficiency and design of its processes.

Employee cards? Product groups with duplicate rewards? Points dependent on branch location? Different rewards depending on the payment method? Bonus points only for wallet pass clients? Promotions and supplementary booking for only one person? We know it all.

Wallet integration (iOS, Android)

Both the effective customer card, the current piggy bank amount as well as coupons can be integrated into the iOS and Android digital wallet. Customers benefit from very easy handling in an environment they are used to. Especially worth mentioning is that in such a solution, the current account balance can be displayed or we can send push notifications (event or location dependent).

From several projects we see that the acceptance and adaptation rate is very high.

More info in this blog entry or in this video.