Benchmarking on sensitive data

Incomplete monitoring is a key challenge in any industry for profound market analytics and reliable benchmarking. One main challenge is finding a trustworthy third authority, which receives, aggregates and communicates data back to the syndicate (e.g. federation/association) and its members. Another challenge is that regulation simply forbids some information exchange between competitors.

For swissstaffing, the Swiss association for staff leasing companies such as Adecco, Manpower, Interiman or Randstad, we act as the trusted third party to receive sensitive business figures (e.g. turnover, wage totals, operating hours, etc.). We aggregate the data, distribute the aggregate back to the data providers, generate business reports and display it on an interactive data dashboard. The dashboard is served as a widget that can be integrated into websites or third party apps by means of an iFrame.


«You can always rely on Renuo as a partner: the team thinks along with you, stands by its word and goes the extra mile.»

Dr. Marius Osterfeld, Ökonom swissstaffing

The data is collected automatically by a RESTful API to an online tool. Each data provider has its own access to this API. The received data is automatically validated and evaluated. The system detects common sources of error. In case of mistake, a correcting postentry is possible before a certain expiry date. The system foresees a common standard for data delivery for each partner, i. e. individual data normalizations on a partner level.

Of course, all data is transmitted SSL-encrypted. A continuous security screening takes place and any security issues are fixed by appropriate updates immediately upon disclosure.


Technologies which we use

Ruby on Rails
Other use cases