Samuel Steiner Managing Partner, M.A. HSG
Alessandro Rodi Software Engineer & Partner, B.Sc. CS
Josua Schmid Software Engineer & Partner, B.Sc. HSR CS
Simon Huber Software Engineer, B.Sc. HSR CS
Raphael Nestler Software Engineer, B.Sc. HSR
Michael Gerber Software Engineer, B.Sc. HSR
Ignacio Sfeir Software Engineer, B.Sc. CS
Sabrina Lombriser Product Owner, M.Sc. UniBE
Gianlorenzo Occhipinti Software Engineer, M.Sc. AI USI
The varied work combined with quick technological advancement always brings new and exciting challenges.
Josua Schmid, Software Engineer Renuo
Lukas Bischof Software Engineer, B.Sc. CS ZHAW
Eduard Munteanu Software Engineer, B.Sc. ZHAW
Pascal Andermatt Software Engineer, M.Sc. AI UZH
Nathalie Knöpfel Finance and Administration
Yessin Ben Brahim Head of Marketing, B.A. ZHAW
Jonathan Stålberg Software Engineer, M.Sc. EM & CS
Oliver Thoma Software Developer, Eidg. FZ Informatiker
Oliver Anthony Software Engineer, B.Sc. Math.
Larry Feel Good Manager
Chris Hunziker Software Developer
Daniel Bengl Software Developer
Simon Isler Software Developer, Eidg. FZ Informatiker
Philip Breuer Software Developer, Eidg. FZ Informatiker
Melea Köhler Software Developer, Student B.Sc.
Etienne Kyburz Aspiring Software Engineer