Our story

«All our employees are as engaged as if Renuo was their own company: This brings impetus and joy!»

What we do

Renuo, headquarted in Wallisellen near Zürich, is an owner-managed corporation that currently employs 14 employees. We develop high quality, secure and stable web software and work with agile project management methods. We offer our customers a unique flexibility and adaptability for every project status.

Our team

We are straightforward and flexible IT experts. Thanks to our know-how and our professionalism we always think a step ahead. We love it when we can speak with our customers at eye level and understand each other as sparring partners. Our customers feel that they are in good hands.

Our mission

The development of high quality software is our core competence. We create customer specific applications based on modern technologies. We innovate our processes and promote better workspaces for our customers and for ourselves. A high degree of agility and innovation allow us to be successful in a fast paced environment. Our customers value our close and personal collaboration and see us as their sparring partner. We focus on sustainable solutions which fit and inspire enthusiasm. We unite committed, motivated and well educated people to reach these goals together.

«Because we are top motivated, we love going the extra mile for our customers.»

Samuel Steiner, Manager Renuo

Our Vision

Everyone works in a company where the environment is honest and the job is meaningful. That is our vision. We belive that only in a company like that, customers and employees can be happy and stay.

Our Values

  • Quality and Precision
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness and Transparency
  • New ways
  • Together

Social responsibility

Since our founding, we have relied on open-source. This is software that is available to programmers and developers worldwide for use and further development. Because we are convinced of the security, stability and quality of this solution, we support it with donations and know-how. Since many of our projects are based on Ruby and we are big fans of this technology, we are a member of RubyTogether. RubyTogether is a grassroots committed to supporting Ruby infrastructure.
In addition to supporting open-source, we donate 10 % of our profits to charity. Our employees choose which organisations they want to support. In 2018, these included WWF Switzerland, Médecins Sans Frontières, Ocean Care and Pro Natura. By doing this we want to make a contribution to society and the environment, which also corresponds to our value Responsibility.

Open-source software that we use and support

Open Source Initiative
Free Software Foundation
Dark Reader
Processing Language