Online Marketing

Marketing strategy

We support you professionally in marketing your products with online advertising. Together we create an advertising concept - individually tailored to your project and target audience. Depending on the goal, our concept includes campaigns with Google Ads or ads on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.

Since our advertising campaigns with Google Ads are of a high quality and tested by Google, we are an official Google Partner. Our customers benefit from first-hand expertise.

Our contacts in the area of online marketing are Amina Giger and Samuel Steiner. They have many years of experience with Google Ads and social media advertising and are qualified as «ads specialists» thanks to the successful completion of Google's Ads examinations (search network, display, video, shopping and mobile).

Search engine optimisation

One part of online marketing is search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO influences the visibility of your application in the different search engines.

When programming an application, we take into account a large number of optimisations so that your website is found and optimally displayed by search engines. With the help of various analysis tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console we also monitor the performance of your website or app after the go-live and check whether the relevant content and technical requirements are met.

«Das Online Marketing verbindet Kreativität und technisches Knowhow – und wird deshalb nie langweilig.»

Amina Giger, Online Marketing Specialist Renuo