What Mugshot Bot can do

A link preview that has it all. With just a few lines of code, a beautiful link preview can be automatically created from any web page. Optimal for a blog or the e-commerce sector. A custom design, tailored to your business, with the option to highlight specific information like discounts, prices, product reviews or other data relevant to your customers in the preview - sounds fantastic doesn't it? This way, you have full control over how your site looks. This way you can be sure that a client or customer will get a good first impression of your product or offer.


«I used to spend 5 hours designing every social image for my blog posts. It was a huge time sink. Mugshot Bot gave me a professional and easy alternative that was 100x faster!»

David Miranda, Gründer von Remake

What's in for you?

- Higher click-through rate on your links
- CI/CD compliant presentation of your products
- Easy implementation
- Low costs & maintenance


Technologies which we use

Ruby on Rails
Other use cases