The peer-to-peer recognition platform for more appreciation within teams

Nowadays companies no longer measure the productivity of their stuff by the sum of hours worked, but by effectiveness and efficiency. In our digitalised working world, this requires qualified and highly motivated employees. Employee recognition and appreciation plays a leading role to increase motivation.

Spontaneous recognitions at lunch, during the coffee break or after a meeting are always well received. As long as they happen spontaneously, they run the risk of being forgotten. In addition, more and more teams are working remote. How do you as a company ensure that appreciation feedback is exchanged regularly? You need a suitable tool for this:

gifcoins is a web-based software that enables regular, quick and intuitive employee recognition. With the help of a digital coin and a short personal message, entire teams exchange mutual recognition. In this way, great and inconspicuous moments in everyday work receive their due recognition.

On the team dashboard, all contributions are visible to everyone of the team and can be recognised and celebrated. All employees receive a monthly quota of coins, so they are motivated to give a minimum amount of feedback. By limiting the number of coins available, messages are given a clear value.

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Why should we use gifcoins?

✅ gifcoins is an intuitive and fast tool and therefore very userfriendly.

✅ gifcoins is web-based and can be accessed from any device. It therefore takes into account all employees, including those who work in the field or remote.

✅ Interested companies don't need a demo or a consultation appointment: Onboarding can be done directly online.

✅ No software installation is required to use gifcoins. After a company has successfully registered, the tool can be used directly via the website.

✅ gifcoins offers external integrations to your existing communication tools such as Slack or Teams. This makes it even easier for you to integrate the tool into your company culture.

✅ There are no hidden costs: after a three-month trial period, you can upgrade and will be charged a fixed amount monthly or annually.

Try it out with your team now. We are happy if gifcoins can contribute to happy employees in your company, too.

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Technologies which we use

Technologies which we use