Individual e‑commerce solutions

The turnover of online shops has been increasing steadily for several years. But the mere creation of an e-commerce platform is not enough. We digitize your company's sales channels, create a personalized e-commerce solution for your customers and then take care of corresponding conversion and performance measures. In B2B and B2C areas, we implement the entire online value chain – from the concept to the logistics interface.

Clients (Excerpt)

In the beginning, e-commerce was about getting any trade goods online as cheaply as possible. Now we're in a much more exciting phase when it comes to stirring up emotions.

Samuel Steiner, Geschäftsführer Renuo AG

We work with Solidus / Spree

The requirements placed on a professional online shop are always similar or even identical. For this reason, we consider it unnecessary to reinvent the wheel and program an online shop from scratch. Rather, we would like to build it on the basis of an existing online shop system and use existing developments.

At the same time, however, it also seems important to us to be able to react flexibly to future (individual) adaptions. There are plenty of ready-to-use shop systems. With most systems, however, the future is obstructed because individual adaptations and further developments are no longer possible. With Spree or rather Solidus we are convinced to have found a shop system which brings numerous basic requirements on the one hand and at the same time offers enough flexibility for individual adaptations.

What if it's more complicated than that?

Your project is a bit more special than a normal online shop? Your shop has several million products? Or you need a special 3D configurator? Nice that you are here, we are looking forward to your individual web project.