Martin Čavoj

Being a programmer is sometimes also about enjoying optimizing things. Be it a code or daily processes, it makes life just a bit easier. With each optimization you can save a couple of minutes a day which you can then spend on something more enjoyable than repetitive or cumbersome tasks. And if you manage to save even 10 seconds a day, you can save one hour a year that you can then spend on doing something more pleasurable or useful.

This then translates into increased productivity on customer projects, where I can focus better on things that matter.

Here I’ll list 6 tools which I found very useful to achieve my daily optimizations (in no particular order). Hope you find them interesting and give them a try.

All of these tools are quite simplistic and don’t require any significant mind shift. I don’t like accommodating myself too much just for a specific tool and I believe it should be the other way around. Since in our company we are used to working with Mac, this post is focused only on tools for Mac. This, however, doesn’t mean that there is no Windows version or (even better) alternative.

You can read about the tools and why I think they are cool in my Medium article here.