Consulting for the development of Ruby on Rails applications

localsearch operates the most popular directory platforms in Switzerland: and In addition, the company has a large number of products that support companies in the acquisition of new customers: Professional website creation, online advertising media and campaigns as well as appointment booking and customer management systems. Various localsearch applications are based on the Ruby on Rails technology – one of our great strengths! For this reason, we are able to support the leading marketing and advertising partner for Swiss SMEs in the maintenance and further development of its products.

The great challenge at the beginning of this cooperation was for us to quickly think our way into an unbelievably large project that has reached an enormously high level of complexity due to its many years of development. However, because the project is based on Ruby on Rails, we were able to do this very quickly. Because Ruby has the claim to be readable even at high complexity and thus enables the balancing act between the representation of very complex structures and a fast implementation. Something that helps incredibly with a large project like this.

Another peculiarity of this project is the many services of localsearch, which are all connected with each other. For this extensive communication, flawless performance and uninterrupted availability are the be-all and end-all. Always taking existing concepts into account, we are therefore challenged to guarantee optimum performance and availability and to advance all the affected services – a challenge that we are happy to take up.

Provided Services

Agile project management / scrum

localsearch works with «scrum» – just like we do. The upcoming work is planned in two-week sequences («sprints»). This agile working method makes it possible to respond to new circumstances after each sprint. In this way, order units can be continuously re-prioritized, additional functions can be planned and requirements that are no longer required can be dropped. In contrast to conventional methods that are «waterfall-based» (analysis, design, programming, testing), the scrum method can react much more dynamically to the market and thus save time and money in the long term.

Technologies which we use

Technologies which we use