The digital Weber Card

Customer cards have always been our thing! So we were also allowed to digitize the customer card for the fashion store chain Mode Weber in 2021. The app displays purchases made, continuously calculates the accumulated account balance and enables the generation of the popular cash bonus. In order to provide the mobile app with the required data, a backend functions in the background, which communicates with the ERP via interfaces. All calculations and validations take place in this backend. Mode Weber can also use this backend to send push notifications and manage promotions («Next purchase gives you 500 points»).

Oh, and by the way, what the app does particularly well: Performance, performance, performance. Despite thousands of transactions and customers, the performance is reliable and fast. And by fast, we mean very fast.


«Renuo created a new Weber app for us in no time. The customer focus, the efficiency and the made in Switzerland are convincing!»

Lukas Weber, member of the board Mode Weber

The two native mobile apps (iOS and Android) were created with Flutter. The backend is based on Ruby on Rails and relies in particular on Hotwire and Turbo. Customers and transactions can thus be managed within a single page application, without the page always having to be reloaded. For communication between the backend and the mobile app we rely on RESTful JSON APIs; between the backend and the ERP it is XML-based SOAP interfaces. We send the push notifications via the Google-based service Firebase - which closes the circle.


Technologies which we use

Ruby on Rails
Other use cases