Bankentracker – The comparison portal in the investment business is a comparison portal for costs in the investment business, which evaluates the relevant fees as well as the suitable banks tailored to the investors profile and thus takes into account the individual needs and expectations of customers for a bank consultation.

Together with the executive director of, we worked out the business model behind it all. The aim was to create a web portal that could compare the fees charged by around 30 banks in German-speaking Switzerland in the investment business and determine where it is the most worthwhile for a user.


«Das Projekt forderte eine Einarbeitung in die sehr komplexen Tarifsysteme des Schweizer Bankenmarktes. Das Team der Renuo meisterte dies problemlos, schaffte es, den Überblick zu behalten und eine Abstraktion vorzunehmen, die es so noch nicht gab. Ich bin äusserst zufrieden mit dem Resultat.»

Management MM Asset Solutions GmbH

The solution

While in the background there are extremely complex calculations being carried out on the basis of the user's input, the website convinces with a simple and intuitive user interface. To meet these requirements we developed the application with Ruby on Rails.

The innovative design of the site was realized by our partner Henry Gillis. During ongoing operations, we support with Online Marketing.


Technologies which we use

Ruby on Rails
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