A booking platform with high standards

Last Minute Escape Rooms is a booking platform for short-term Escape Room bookings which first got released in 2021.

Users find free rooms at short notice via a zip code and location search and can book them directly. A combined view between map and list, which updates continuously when the map is moved, ensures a high user experience (UX). By means of 2-factor authentication via cell phone number (SMS dispatch), a customer confirms and completes the booking.

Escape room operators can register independently via an intelligent onboarding process and get started immediately: create rooms, manage game leaders, mark free slots at short notice, manage bookings. The booking mechanism ensures that lead times of rooms and game masters are taken into account accordingly and that no double bookings are possible (parallel bookings). Game leaders and providers are notified of each booking via SMS and e-mail as desired.

Parlez vous français?! It goes without saying that the platform is multilingual and the correct language – depending on the user's language – is automatically preselected. Sehr schön!


«Renuo does not implement blindly, but thinks along with us and challenges us. A clear added value that moves our project forward.»

Markus Liechti, CEO Last Minute Escape Rooms

During the development, we gave intensive thought to the topic of marketing. The focus is strongly placed on the participating Escape Rooms: they are provided with a customizable booking widget, which can be embedded in the corresponding websites of the providers. In addition, partners can share an affiliate link of the platform and then profit directly from each booking made with it. We think that's pretty smart. And you?


Technologies which we use

Ruby on Rails
Other use cases