For more frontend performance

It's hard to beat React for scalability, performance and flexibility. And that's exactly why we like it!

What's it all about?

React is a JavaScript library that serves as a basic framework for creating frontends (user interfaces). Components are used to divide the interface into independent, reusable parts. This allows scalable and flexible applications to be developed. It strives for simplicity and above all brings performance.

Compared to Angular, React does not follow a full-service approach and only comes with three components. For us, this means that we can take modules from other ecosystems and are thus very lean on the road.

React was developed by Facebook (or Meta) in 2011 and made available as open source in 2013. Since then, it has become quite equal to the top dog Angular. In addition to Facebook, many other big players also rely on React: e.g. Netflix, AirBNB, Uber or Dropbox.